Nick Meador (in green) leading a festival workshop in May 2015. (Photo by C.S. Closson)

Nick Meador (in green) leading a festival workshop in May 2015. (Photo by C.S. Closson)

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Nick Meador runs consistent workshops in SE Michigan and has also facilitated in Chicago, Denver, Central America, and at Burning Man. Workshops can be public or available only for your private group. For more info, use the contact form below.

Roasted cacao beans before they're turned into a ceremonial drink and sacred cacao treats.

Roasted cacao beans before they're turned into a ceremonial drink and sacred cacao treats.


Pure cacao is a traditional plant medicine long used in indigenous cultures for introspective and celebratory purposes. It fosters inner and outer connection, opens the heart, boosts mood, and increases focus. Cacao perfectly compliments a variety of meditative activities, ranging from shamanic drumming to ecstatic dance. Inner Waymark serves Mayan cacao grown organically at a family farm in eastern Guatemala and obtained directly from the source.


Vibrant Dawn is a "morning rave" – a substance-free early yoga and dance extravaganza – that started in Detroit at 6:00 am on a Tuesday in August 2016. Now it's rapidly expanding and will soon be a monthly series in both Detroit and Chicago. We warm up into a full-on dance party. Then at the end we come together for a yoga class. You can purchase morning drinks and bites, and even get a massage by donation. Costumes and weird outfits are encouraged. START YOUR DAY THE VIBRANT WAY before going to work or anywhere else!

IN THE NEWS: Read the Detroit Free Press article, "At Vibrant Dawn, it's early morning dancing and yoga."

At the first Vibrant Dawn Chicago on 3/28/2017. (Photo by Simon Rubinstein)

At the first Vibrant Dawn Chicago on 3/28/2017. (Photo by Simon Rubinstein)


ACTIVE MEDITATION - At Inner Waymark we like taking a dynamic approach to connecting with the universe through our physical and energetic body. We work primarily with OSHO meditations that combine breathwork and movement to release, recharge, and activate, mixing this with wisdom from shamanism, somatic psychology, and mindfulness meditation.

TRAUMA RELEASE - Shaking and quivering are a common way that many animals release trauma. Humans don't do this and then store the negative effects of trauma as "muscle memory." Really trauma is anything that the *body* recognizes as scary, even if the mind doesn't think it's a threat. Nick will lead you through an experiential workshop to gently release trauma without even having to go into the stories and memories. This can lead to a new feeling of lightness and greater ability to live a fulfilling life and contribute to your community.

TANTRIC EXPRESSION - An experiential journey into liberation and empowerment involving Breathwork, Trauma Release, Repatterning/Reconditioning, Somatic Therapy, plus Intention & Integration Circles. Release your life force, express yourself authentically, and live with greater purpose and direction!


All of these sessions are tailored to the individual and include ceremonial cacao when appropriate.


Are you just starting out and feel intimidated by yoga studios? Or do you have unique body needs and wonder if yoga can help? Nick can gently walk you through the basics as develop your own personal yoga practice. The body knows what it needs if we can just listen and follow.


Sometimes it feels like life is happening to you. If you have a nagging sense that something is missing, or you're thrust into a period of uncomfortable change, private coaching can turn this into a window for positive growth and discovery. Fulfillment, purpose, and peace are your birthrights just waiting for you to step into them.


Reiki is a gentle touch therapy that works on similar principles to Tai Chi and acupuncture. The practitioner doesn't "heal" you, but holds space for you to find your own way to healing. This can happen through deep relaxation, new insights on life, and a connection with the divine.


A session of Reiki followed immediately by coaching can be a very powerful combination. Often when receiving Reiki, someone may have associations arise from their social life, or a certain place in their body calls out for attention. Coaching can process what comes up and turn it into gold to be integrated into your day-to-day life.


Do you have an organization or group who would benefit from a deep transformational experience? Let Inner Waymark create a customized immersive retreat for you. Whether for a weekend or longer, we can build a retreat involving meditation, yoga, energy healing, movement therapy, communication training, mindfulness practice, cacao ceremony, and more.

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