The Tantric Way: Self and Source with Gaia Ma at Seven Springs, TN

  • Seven Springs Holistic Retreats 120 Sweet Hollow Way Maryville, TN 37803 USA

"This is a deep, intense path of transformation, realization and healing. I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to work on him/herself, go through their fears, wounds and find what is behind it." –Mañu Courtois, Sacred Intimacy Coach

The Tantric Way is a carefully designed and spontaneous process of awakening led by Gaia Ma. You will transform your relationship with life by learning to cultivate intimacy with yourself, to deepen intimacy with your sexual partners, and to create intimacy among groups.

Intimacy creates a container of trust in which you feel safe to strip off conditioned layers and reveal the essence of who you are. In this safe container, you are empowered to step into true freedom; a moment-to-moment way of being. True intimacy gives you the tools to realize the intention of tantra: to weave the individual self with the universal self.


• Self-Inquiry
• Systemic Constellation
• Dance and Movement Therapy
• Breathwork
• Meditation
• Sexual Deconditioning
• Massage & Healing Touch
• Communication skills
• Ritual and Magic

By engaging your whole being in the Tantric Way process, you will activate a shift in consciousness and experience a continuing transformation.

**This retreat is part 1 of 3 in the Tantric Way series, and the first time Gaia will lead the process in the U.S.**


In Self and Source you will cultivate an intimate relationship with yourself based on awareness and acceptance. As you bring awareness and compassion to your closures, identifications and self-judgments, you will open yourself to hear and trust the voice of source within.

During this cycle of the Tantric Way you will:

• Grow in self-love and self acceptance
• Accept and fall in love with your physical body
• Make friends with the voices in your head
• Become aware of the voices that come from your parents and family
• Develop a relationship with your inner critic
• Heal the wounds you carry from your ancestors
• Get in touch with your inner wisdom
• Use the chakra system to inquire into your emotional body
• Open your body to receive the free flow of life force energy
• Open to the big cosmic yes



Gaia is best described as raw, authentic and fiery. Her life’s passion is to serve the evolution of individual and collective potential. Through embodying aliveness and presence, Gaia inspires others to break through conditioning to find freedom.

Gaia skillfully integrates training in modalities such as Tantra, Yoga, Psychology, Systemic Constellation, Breath Therapy, and Trauma Healing, with her diverse life experience as a dancer, traveler, lover, business woman, builder and permaculturalist.

Gaia has developed multiple curriculums for personal transformation, most notably The Tantric Way Series, a three week intensive process of healing, transformation, and awakening. Gaia is renowned for her keen perception and presence as a transformational group process leader.

As a founder and co-director of InanItah, an impactful heart centered Ecovillage seed project on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua, Gaia shares her passion for playful irreverence and persistent dedication.

“I love seeing the ripples your teachings create. You changed my life forever.”
-Megan Flamer, Corporate Marketing Consultant


Nick Meador is a Tantric Way alum who assisted in the entire 3-week process in Dec 2016. Nick’s mission as a holistic facilitator is to empower and liberate people in a sustainable way. He synthesizes a variety of conscious communication and awareness systems into an innovative approach to healing and self-development. This ranges from the practical (Nonviolent Communication, or NVC) to the esoteric (shamanism).

Nick is the founder of Inner Waymark LLC, creating events, services, and media based on the idea that we can find meaning, purpose, and direction within. He also runs Soul Lift Cacao, selling organic single-source cacao paste, nibs, beans, and power bars. Nick is based in Detroit, MI.


Arrival: 4:00pm Sun, July 30, 2017
Departure: 12:00pm Sat, Aug 5, 2017
Seven Springs Holistic Retreats
Near Maryville, Tennessee
Just across Smoky Mountains from Asheville, NC

• 5 full days of class M-F
• Sunday night opening ceremony
• Friday night cacao ceremony with ecstatic dance
• Saturday morning closing session


Seven Springs is a retreat center featuring seven natural springs on 126 acres of private land in the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. It's a place of natural abundance and cultural diversity where people learn how to create holistic sustenance for themselves and their communities. The Seven Springs mission is to provide an innovative and transformative space for local and global communities to experience high quality holistic education.

Registration for the Tantric Way: Self and Source with Gaia Ma at Seven Springs
from 125.00

Deposit – $125 to secure your place on the workshop, with remainder due by the start of the course

Early Bird registration - $525 if paid in full by May 15
Regular Rate registration - $675 after May 15


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Accommodations must be booked and paid for separately at

BYO Camping - $375
Glamping - $455
Shared Yurt - $495
All options include 17 hearty and nutritious vegetarian meals.

Nearest international airport is in Knoxville, Tennessee (about 30 minutes from Seven Springs). There's a Megabus station nearby, too. Transfers are available.